Day 2 in the Sentinel Staff

Justin Kasser, Writer

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It’s been a day full of hard work, nail-biting, and entertaining day for the Seven Sentinels. After three classes in the morning from 8 to 11:30 a.m., all knew a little bit more about the multimedia tools they would be working with. 22 year old Eric Burse showed off some of his award winning video work in the journalism world, and how a typical story can be enhanced through video tools and editing. They talked to Michelle Balmeo about ten fascinating technology tools to help visualize stories online, including Thinglink, Storify, and SoundCloud. Don Bott, a Newsroom leader, talked about feature stories. Overall, the morning classes gave them a lot of valuable skills to use throughout the week of writing.

After lunch, it was off to crank some serious writing. Overlooking the Stanford lawn, the Seven laid out their ideas for articles and interviews. After gaining confidence with their different sports stories, they headed off to “Starby’s” to grab a drink and get down to some serious writing outside. For three hours they created questions and outlines, while talking to Team Leader Lisie Sabbag.

Finally after grabbing a pizza for the group and throwing a frisbee around, the group joined the other 60 Newsroom students for a special guest speaker, Angilee Shah. A fantastic day for Sentinel, and more to come tomorrow!


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