SF Giants press box experience


Mahima Dutt

The view from the press box was quite impressive. Reporters were not only able to clearly see the game but also hear the crowds cheering throughout the game.

Mahima Dutt, Staff Writer

Today the Sentinel staff not only attended a Giants game, but also took a private tour, as well get a peek inside the press box of the AT&T Stadium. While waiting to enter the press box around 5:30, we made a new friend. The guy to our left, selling bobble heads joked with us and asked us all where we were from. Denver, Massachusetts, Redwood city and the county jail were among the various responses. We were actually so preoccupied with talking to this guy that we didn’t notice when it was finally time to go inside and explore the press box. Liam Connolly, the Media Relations Assistant for the SF Giants gave us a brief tour and explained what his job entailed.Connolly shared how demanding his job could be since he often worked late or worked many hours on busy game days. He also talked about how the press box generally runs and how certain writers get reserved seating in the press box because they regularly cover the Giants’ games while other spots are open to reporters from other newspapers or publications. Additionally, Connolly happily took all our questions and answered them to the best of his ability. However, ultimately the most impressive part of the press box was the view of the stadium and the players. The windows were kept open so all the sounds and cheers could be heard in the press box. Reporters could still experience the game while focusing on writing about it. Although we didn’t get to stay in the press box too long, it was a unique experience with a very memorable view.



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