Lee Tinsley, Red’s assistant hitting coach

Lee Tinsley, Red's assistant hitting coach

The grass, the dirt, and the soft green empty seats surrounded all of us standing on the field. For the other six members, this was cool, but didn’t have any sentimental value. For me, it was a truly beautiful sight, because the stadium has been a second home for me since 3 months old. Standing on this dirt connected me in a new way to everything I lived through at AT&T Park. Standing so close to the empty dugout, the bullpen, and the batting cage was inspiring and reminded me of my true goal to be a player here one day. When our group continued onto our next tour stop at the batting cages, Lee Tinsley was walking out. Tinsley, the Red’s assistant hitting coach, was scouting out the stadium prior to the game, and we had the pleasure of speaking to him. I was personally baffled I got to talk to a coach before a game, and naturally I pounced on the opportunity. I asked him how to fix my timing mechanism in my swing, and he happily showed me a tip. “Now, the trigger is when these [hands] go back, those [feet] go forward,” Tinsley explained to me, and I reenacted what he was demonstrating. It was two minutes, but a valuable and unplanned two minutes, and I look forward to meeting Tinsley in the future.

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