Giants continue on a losing streak


Lily Friebel, Staff reporter

After Tim Lincecum’s no-hitter on Wednesday, the Giants are back on a two game losing streak. Before the no-no, the Giants had a two game losing streak agaisnt the Padres.

Giants right-handed pitcher Madison Bumgarner had his worst outing of the season. The Cincinnati Reds did the most damage in the fifth inning, having three hits and four runs. Bumgarner was pulled after the sixth inning, and gave up nine hits and five earned runs. In his 16 starts this season, Bumgarner has not given up more than four earned runs. In this last six consecutive games, he had gone at least seven innings. Picking off Billy Hamilton ad Todd Frazier in the first inning, and Tyler Colvin’s triple in the sixth inning were the biggest highlights of the game.

Despite being in a slump, it seems to be the other teams in the National League West are in a slump as well. The Giants still lead in the NL West, with the Dodgers trailing by two games.

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