La Copa: Colombia, Brazil, Netherlands, and Costa Rica advance; Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, and Greece eliminated


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Colombian soccer star James Rodriguez celebrates World Cup victory over Uruguay

Saturday, June 28th, was the first day of World Cup knockouts. Brazil tied Chile 1-1 but won in the penalty shootouts (3-2). Colombia beat Uruguay with a score of 2-0. Brazil and Colombia will play each other on Friday, July 4th.

Colombia has never before participated in the Quarter Final, making this is the farthest they have ever made it in the World Cup. Despite Falcao’s injury, the Colombian team has been very successful so far, especially thanks to emerging soccer star James Rodriguez. Rodriguez, known more commonly by his first name, scored both of the team’s goals against Uruguay on Saturday. Uruguay was also at a disadvantage due to Luis Suárez’s four-month ban that resulted from biting an opponent during the Uruguay vs. Italy match.

Today, June 29th, the Netherlands defeated Mexico with a score of 2-1. Although Mexico was ahead 1-0 for the majority of the match, the Netherlands managed to score two goals (one penalty) near the end of the game. Mexico was eliminated, and the Netherlands will advance to the quarter final. Later, although Costa Rica and Greece were tied 1-1 during the match, Costa Rica triumphed in the penalty shootout (5-3). The Netherlands will play Costa Rica on Saturday, July 5th.


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