Ball hard or bully hard

Lily Friebel, Staff reporter

June 29, 2014

Chris Bene had no expectation about the hazing he was going to receive when he was a freshman joining a varsity level basketball team. Bene, now a senior at Sequoia High School in Redwood City, CA was hazed and embarrassed along with other teammates during the basketball season. “I would have to...

Giants continue on a losing streak

Giants continue on a losing streak

Lily Friebel, Staff reporter

June 28, 2014

After Tim Lincecum’s no-hitter on Wednesday, the Giants are back on a two game losing streak. Before the no-no, the Giants had a two game losing streak agaisnt the Padres. Giants right-handed pitcher Madison Bumgarner had his worst outing of the season. The Cincinnati Reds did the most damage in the fifth inning, having three hits and four run...

Wednesday sentinel recap

Photo courtesy of Justin Kasser

Justin Kasser, Staff Writer

June 25, 2014

For the Sentinel group at Newsroom by the Bay, Wednesday was a non-stop working train… with a few Starbucks runs. With the goal in mind to be completely prepped for the San Francisco trip on Thursday, the morning was filled with more lessons to gain confidence in the technology presented. Sentinel...

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