Friday daily recap

Justin Kasser, Writer

Friday was a work day for the Sentinel reporters. With the array of information the journalists collected from all over San Francisco, Friday was filled with transcribing, discussing, analyzing, outlining, and putting together a complete draft of a story. Reporters sat on the lawn outside of Okada Dormitory, while they typed away with a headphone in one ear and an iPad in another. They pulled valuable quotes from citizens in Union Square, Giants employees, and World Cup fanatics, and fit them into their draft article. Rory Plewman, reporter for Sentinel, took the day off with a sickness probably caught on the SF train. Down to just five reporters and team leader Lisie Sabbag, they all sat down to plan the final articles to display on the website. For roughly six hours, light chatter, laptop keys clicking, and some chuckling were the only things heard on the Okada. Eating The Melt’s famous grilled cheeses’ for dinner and some delicious cannolis as an afternoon snack, all staff members are well on their way to a great report, and ready to take it into Saturday to finish their final day of work. Each reporter headed home confident in the outcome of the articles.

photo 2

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